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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks, Kid

I'm never shy about how thankful I am for my daughter. I've said it a million times. I love being around her, even when she's being an asshole. Those are the moments when I know she's mine. Well, there's that and the DNA test, but let's not get into that right now. I just want to appreciate what I have. I often call Casey the bright silver lining on my darkest cloud. Let's face it, the single dad role is rough. Rough or not, it's always worth it.

I don't usually break down the little things that make our relationship great, but I will now. I'm thankful for the hug I get when I pick her up from school, building sand castles, getting licked on the cheek instead of kissed and the hilarity that she got me, high fives, making popcorn, Rapunzel, wagon rides, Tuesday zoo day, the giraffe song, defiant time outs, back to back carousel rides, devil horns, clean baby, Life cereal and a ton more.

I have plenty to look forward to, but I appreciate what I have right now. I hope you can all do the same.

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