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Friday, December 9, 2011

Muppets, Take Two

I waited a day for this one on purpose. Sure, this is late again, but I really wanted to follow up on the whole Muppet thing. As you may have read before, Casey came so close to being able to go to the movie, and she screwed it all up with bad behavior. I decided to extend the offer once again as a reward. Look, I just really want to go see it, and I don't need to look like an asshole going by myself.

It's seems to be working this time around. The threat of missing out on hilarious socks with eyeballs is very real. It happened once, and now she's not taking chances. Once again, a moment of levity went a little too far. I know it wasn't intended, so I gave her the chance to apologize. This time, she did it. I suppose losing out once was enough for her.

Second chances are fine with me. I don't mind giving her new opportunities at things she's lost out on. We all need that now and again. The important thing to me is that a lesson was learned. She's getting older, and I know three isn't that old, but it's a point when right and wrong are a constant issue. She's pushing boundaries, but only because she's just starting to see them.

It's never going to be perfect, but I'll do my best to establish where the line is. The funny thing is that one day I'll make sure that she knows to cross those lines whenever possible. That's what makes life exciting. I'd be thrilled to see her break down barriers one day, but for now, I'd just be thrilled to see the goddamned Muppet movie.

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