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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas

...And all through this dump
If you couldn't enjoy this, you must be a chump
The kid's eyes were glued to old Spongebob Squarepants
As dreams of Dos Equis in my head would dance

My girlfriend was nestled up snug on the couch
And I in my chair with my usual slouch
As I scratched my head under my brand new Bears cap
I looked at the gifts and said, "Let's open this crap."

Then Casey said, "Hey, what's that thing over there?"
And opened it to find a pink beanbag chair
Off went the wrappings in small shredded sheets
To find board games, a watch and a Fijit, which beeps

As I charged up the batteries to her brand new LeapPad
I realized this is why it's great to be Dad
The smile on her face with each unopened gift
Is exactly the thing that I need for a lift

But this fun is not over, we have two more nights
Of opening gifts while we look at the lights
And a Christmas Day dinner we spend with the Greats
And five helpings of mashed potatoes on Casey's plate

So I say to you all that my Christmas was good
And I took the week off from this blog, as I should
So with poetry, this week I'm finally here
Merry Holidays to all, and a Happy New Year!

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