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About This Blog

The creation of this blog is akin to the creation of my daughter. It was completely by accident. Sure, it wasn't planned but I'm glad I have it. The blog. And my daughter. She's a she, not an it. Aw, great.

Either way, this is my way of logging my progress and hers. This is an open discussion of my struggles and her triumphs. I'm sure other dads will understand this, and maybe a few moms can understand us. Though the deadbeat dad is not a myth, it is a stigma we all get saddled with. People think that if we aren't forced to raise our kids, we won't.

That, my friends, is bullshit. That's why I'm here.

If you feel disrespected by your kid's mom, the courts, the media and society in general, I understand. I'm here to be the loudmouth that you might be afraid to be. We've been terrorized. I refuse to accept that. So should you.

There is a difference between a father and a dad. Father is a genetic connection. Dad is a teacher, mentor, protector and hero. That's what we're supposed to be to our kids. I'm not calling us heroes. We'll let the single moms continue to canonize themselves that way. Our kids see us as heroes, even if we're bad at what we do. It's a title that is earned through all of the other things we are supposed to be.

Being a dad is tough, but it's also a blast, even when she's acting like an asshole. Hey, she's my kid, remember? What else would you expect? So here I am, sharing it all, just because. Maybe we can all have a laugh or two because of it.